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Caril de Nabo com camarão





Turnip       200g - 250g
Curry Powder              1 Spoon
Curry Paste              1 Spoon
Shrimp       500g - 600g

材料 :


白蘿蔔     200 - 250克
咖喱粉     1匙
咖喱膏     1匙
蝦              500 - 600克

Steps | 步驟 :

Step1: Season the shrimps with salt and pepper and cut the turnip in pieces the same size as the shrimps.

Step2: In low heat sauté the curry powder with the curry paste until the curry smell starts to build and add the turnip pieces.

Step3: Sauté the turnip for around 20 minutes until it starts to become transparent, add the shrimps and let cook for 5 to 7 minutes. Add the coconut milk, turn off the heat, and the plate is done.  

步驟1:兩湯匙橄欖油 + 半個洋蔥,中火炒香,加入A/B/C

步驟2:湯匙brandy + 鹽 + 黑胡椒粉適量 + 半個白蘿蔔 + 半碗水,滾起後上中蓋中細火煮10分鐘或用雪蝦,雪蝦只需融雪,不用過水備用

步驟3:煮至蘿蔔透明 + 步驟2 + 半茶匙鹽 + 湯匙椰漿,滾起即成

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